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woman at night on rocks at Vilano Beach, Florida

Hey there, I'm Brandi

I’m not just a photographer —

I’m a full-on creative director,

and that makes all the difference.

Photographer in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Before I pick up my camera, I already have a vision for your photos

I’m not the kind of photographer who shows up to a session and says “let’s just see where this takes us!” I come with a cohesive mood board, a clear vision, and an expert plan to get it all done.


Because this isn’t about taking a few pretty photos. 


This is about empowering you to be who you are, celebrating what makes you different, & transforming an experience into art.

Jacksonville engagement session on beach at night.

I help you break free of any insecurities 

to feel real & intimate in front of the camera.


As a Photographer I Believe

What makes you different is what makes you cool


I’m here to create photos that match your vibe, from the location to the styling to the lighting. If you’ve got indie rock vibes, let’s play it up with midday light or plan a night shoot. I’ll bring my flash and some lanterns. You’re an original. Your photos should be, too.

I’m not just giving you photos, I’m giving you an experience


If you love vintage stores, I know a cool eclectic shop with half mannequins and a pizza place around the corner straight out of the 1970s. If you love the beach, I know just the secluded and overgrown spot we can hike up to. The world is our studio. Let’s explore!

Confidence is something we can build together


Because it’s totally normal to feel self-conscious about the way your arms look from certain angles. You can love yourself, embrace your flaws, and still need help knowing what to do with your hands. Don’t worry, I’ll capture your best side and guide the way! 

Saint Augustine wedding photographer at night on beach

Confession time: I have a real problem. It’s called photography addiction.

I’m never just driving to the grocery store. I’m noticing the ivy in the parking lot that would make for an amazing shot. At a hair appointment, I’m mentally planning a mood board for the stranger in the next chair over. And at 10 pm, after my daughters are in bed, I’m watching virtual photography workshops and taking vigorous notes. 


The truth is I’ve been consumed by photography since I shot my first wedding on film. And 20 years later, every single session is just as much of a thrill. I’ll turn a 2-hour session into a 5-hour session if you don’t stop me, because I’m not in photography for the business. I’m in it for the passion. And the best part is you can tell. 


I only say “yes!” to shoots when I’m just as excited about the vision as you are. Have ideas? Throw ‘em at me! It’s what I’m here for.

My Signature Styles?

Natural & nostalgic. Sexy & vibey. Warm & film-esque.

couple dancing in front of truck lights in parking garage at night in downtown Saint Augustine, Florida
Engagement session in Saint Augustine, Florida at sunset.
couple walking through gardens on wedding day.
Bridal boudoir at Matanzas Inlet at night


“Brandi made it so effortless and easy. I love every picture and can't express enough how empowering the shoot made me feel and the confidence I've been able to gain as a result."

- Kassidy

On an average Tuesday:


Vintage band t-shirts with Birkenstocks…or maybe rainbow sandals. Nothing says “I live at the beach” like flip-flops year-round!


Hitting up eclectic antique stores again and again and again. (Now that I think of it…want photos done in one?! I already have ideas!)


Is it just me, or do vintage playboys give you tons of inspiration? The posing, the marketing, the makeup…I love an old-school-sexy vibe!


Let’s emulate: the sexiness of Doja Cat for body love shoots, Motown oldies for family shoots, and Lana Del Rey for wedding days. 

Wedding photograher in downtwon Jacksonville, Florida


My camera loves you already.

And soon, you’ll love it right back.


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