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woman in black bathing suit stretching out while sitting on fallen tree at Matanzas Inlet Saint Augustine, Florida

Celebrate Yourself

Body Love

Ready for Vogue-worthy photos?

This is NOT your mama's boudoir!

This is celebratory, sexy, feminine, playful and best of all its for YOU!

All of my Body Love sessions start with the want to feel beautiful and seen but end with just having THE BEST time frolicking around half naked- really celebrating where your body is at this moment and all it has done for you. 

No lace, lingerie or awkward poses on a bed. To me, capturing your personality is as sexy as it gets. Whether you want to emulate vintage playboy editorials or just make breakfast in a t-shirt and underwear, this will be the ultimate confidence boost. 



If I've learned one thing, it's that every woman has a different Body Love story. Some have lost weight, gained weight, had surgery, just broken up, just had a baby, you name it. I'm here to create beautiful images of your Body and all the ways you LOVE it. No need for insecurities or doubts. I focus on photographing your personality while highlighting your best features in the background. 

I'm a pose heavy photographer, which allows me to easily guide you to put your best assets on display. Expect gentle guidance and for me to model poses first. I want you to feel feminine and playful so expect a lot of encouragement from me and genuine laughter for you, because Hey! this is meant to be FUN!

Prices starting at $1200-$2200

bride in lingerie standing in field with veil draped over her face.
woman stretching out in sand at beach at night with white bathing suit on


Made it effortless and easy

Brandi made it so effortless and easy. I love every picture and I can't express enough how empowering the shoot made me feel and the confidence I've been able to gain as a result.


- Katie

bride in lingerie leaning on vintage chair in a field in Jacksonville, florida

Ready to gain more confidence and tap into your feminine self?

Submit a contact form and let's get started already! 


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