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couple sitting on beach at sunset staring into camera with a serious face.

Celebrate Your LOVE


Ready for Vogue-worthy photos?


Guess what? You don't have to settle for only having selfies and wedding photos. My couples sessions are a fun way  to capture yourselves being yourselves- whatever that looks like to you. This is probably going to feel like an epic date night, with a crazy hype girl following you around all night.


Creative and Customized Sessions

No love is the same. No session is the same. These are photos that match your vibe and tell your love story in a unique and fun way. Let's create a unique and off-beat concept that feels a little mischievous and sexy- something with a little oomph. 

I want the two of you to leave your session wanting to get a little more handsy later with each other. I create a space for you to feel relaxed and connected, letting down your guard in an intimate way. Don't be surprised if I suggest you make out in a seedy bar bathroom or play hard to get with each other until you just can't stand it anymore and go in for that big, deep, sexy kiss. 

Prices starting at  $1200 - $2200

gothic couple posing together  in back of restaurant parking lot.
couple kissing on motorcycle in downtown Saint Augustine at sunset


We love her crazy ideas

When Brandi asked to end our engagement session in front of a broken fence in an old dirt parking lot we were a little apprehensive. But we trusted her immensely and just went along with it. Those wound up being our FAVORITE photos. We love her crazy ideas and the way she sees things others don't.

-Meredith & Ryan


couple kissing in front of red pool table at Hoptinger's in Jacksonville Five Points

Natural & Nostalgic

Sexy & Vibey

Warm & Film-esque

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