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woman in white lingerie holding flowers in field as her oversized floppy straw hat falls over her eyes.


Throw out your white shirts and khakis.


You're not looking for stock photos that filter out life. You want something with way more oomph. And to get there, we need some creative and artistic direction. That's where I come in. I will find us unique locations with killer lighting, collaborate on wardrobe concept and pose you in ways that look both editorial and badass. It's a whole collaboration but I promise you its one hell of an experience. Plus the photos are pretty amazing too!


Prices starting at  $1200-$2200

couple holding small child while wading in water at sunset at Matanzas Inlet, Saint Augustine, Florida

Family Sessions


I believe that you feel your best when you are in your natural element, doing the things you love with the people you love. This isn't going to look like your family holding hands and smiling into the camera. Where's the personality in that? I'll start by asking "What do you love to do together?" and we'll create an experience from there. 

Whether it's time spent on the boat together, pancakes on Sunday mornings, or bicycle trips around the neighborhood. Let's have FUN creating beautiful photos that feel like you!

I let your littles truly guide the session since it's more fun when they get to lead the way anyways. You get to just relax and let me direct the scenes that unfold, photographing your interactions and connections in a beautiful and artful way. 


Motherhood Sessions

Bold & Delicate

Every pregnancy is different. Every approach to motherhood is different. I'm here to capture all of the beautiful moments of this adventure that make you feel both bold and empowered, but delicate and soft at the same time. Because trust me, sometimes it's a roller coaster ride. 


There are NO RULES when it comes to how you want your session to feel. It can be as intimate as breakfast in bed as the first light hits your window or as sexy and bold as a topless morning at the beach. 

pregnant woman in white dress holding her belly as the wind blows her curled hair in front of her face
portrait of woman holding flower in flower field, Jacksonville, Florida

Self Portraits

Do something for You!

Creative and off-beat. My portrait sessions are designed to make you feel feminine, powerful and most of all in love with yourself! My approach is anything but typical. I customize your session to YOUR story and how you feel most beautiful in this world. We collaborate on so many different aspects to get the most out of the imagery we create together. From lighting, to location and styling. I put everything into creating a shoot that makes you feel amazing, seen, and a little bad ass. 

pregnant woman lounging in canvas beach chair in the wildflowers at Matanzas Inlet, Saint Augustine, Florida


She made me feel so beautiful

I still look back and think about how much FUN it was to work with Brandi. This was my 3rd child and I wanted to celebrate all my body has been able to do. She made me feel so beautiful and completely relaxed. 


Ready to feel like your most photogenic self?

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